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Re: who has a radian??

Originally Posted by Earthy Momma View Post
why is it so difficult to install?and tighten?
It is heavy - which is nice in a sense and sucks in another. I need the AA to install it anywhere near upright, and frankly an AA on a cloth seat is a big pain in the rear end. I HATE the lack of a lock off on it which means i must use a locking clip or lock my seat belt which then results in a seat slightly tipped to the side which drives me bonkers and only gets worse as the AA compresses on that side. I hate all the "special parts".... um i need to you X thing is my kid is FF in certain weight perameters or Y thing if they are in the other parameters... i mean seriously, its freakin ridiculous remembering which parts/pieces i need for which child in which orientation. I strongly dislike the removable RF boot.... just ANOTHER piece to the already "mult-piece" car seat. I personally will not use the latch with it - after all the issues it makes me very very nervous, so i am always struggling to get my belt tounge with locking clip through the RF belt path... it wants to slip down in to the bum of the seat because its heavy with the clip on there. My hands look like i held a crazed cat for several minutes by the time i am done installing it. The harness clip is obscenely large.... at first i thought it was some sort of a joke, but no, its just that big. I'm sorry when i have to literally TUG TUG TUG with all of my might to get the dang harness to adjust and get winded trying to secure my child two things are clear to me - 1. i need to run more 2. i need a Foonf so i can throw the Radian in the flippin trash!

I compare it to a TF (which i pink sparkly and realize other people hate it.... ).... the TF literally takes me about 1 min to install in either direction. Easy peasy in EVERY application i have used it in. The Radian i know will take about 5 mins if i am lucky but normally at least 15 for me to have a good, tight, upright install.
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