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Re: who has a radian??

Originally Posted by Earthy Momma View Post
:rofl mbo:

im sorry, but that is soooooooooo.... funny!!!!!!!!!!!

why is it so difficult to install?and tighten?
for us its hard to get a good tight install rf w/ it. we have the stow-n-go in r van & the base part gets stuck on it & dosnt allow us to get a tight install if we dont have it in there just right. it takes a a lil while to get it in (were very picky & like to have them as tight as possible so they dont move when installed) ff we have no install issues. for the straps somtimes it seems like they stick & u need to give them a good pull to tighten them or uninstall the carseat since somtimes they get stuck on the back of them. (i have no idea why) we really dont like moving r radians. we take r sons frountier85 out 1st anyday b4 we move one of the radians & those frountiers r huge & heavy but easer to install. (for us aneyways )
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