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Re: Shopping preferences - DS and other forums

Individual listings (one item or item type per listing) or one list per seller per category. I like lists! I also like when they mention other items in different categories as well. Say you have a bunch of pockets and some AIOs, List the individual info in good detail about the diapers in the proper forum, then at the bottom maybe an I also have: __________ check the ______forum for details.

PPD or actual shipping calculated based on zip PPD seems to be the best here, on ebay I'd go with actual based on weight & zip.

Embedded photos, photo links or photos by request. Either - as long as the link is to the actual diapers...not an unlabeled album.

Stated price or make me an offer. definately a stated price. Then is a buyer is interested thet can choose to accept your price or find another seller without have to (at the risk of slighting themselves or you) PM you with an offer, you PM back, etc....
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