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Originally Posted by remrath View Post
i had much more anxiety w/ this my 2nd vbac than w/ my 1st. for what it's worth, this labor was easier, faster, and the recovery has been a breeze compared to the c/s and the first vaginal birth. hope your anxiety abates. God had to make me completely physically miserable at the end before I actually wanted the baby to come b/c i was so anxious!
It is good and encouraging to hear your 2nd vbac was easier/better! I hope mine is similar. This pregnancy feels so much different for me. But it could be for all kinds of reasons (this is a boy, I have a front placenta, and I'm bending/moving/exercising more since I have 2 other babes). Anyway, my physical health seems to be's the anxiety that makes me want this baby out! BTW, I did sleep better last night, but it still took a few hours for me to finally succumb to sleep. At least I didn't have the shakes
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