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How frustrating

I knew this was going to be an issue: finding a VBAC doctor. After googling and cross-checking with my insurance, I thought I found a VBAC friendly doctor. I called her office to schedule my first appointment for my second pregnancy and after a couple Q&As, the office lady says "you know, she doesn't do VBACs."

Great. So I glad I wasted my time researching and giving my info. It's not like she even asked why I had a c-section with my first or how my first pregnancy went or my age or anything! Just a straight "no."

It is just not what I needed to hear with my first phone call.

It shouldn't matter, since we are moving to a different city in a month (where I get to start a new search) and this appointment would just be an initial check up. I am ~6 weeks, idk! Out of principle, I don't want to see any doc that can't be supportive or open. Even if it's just for a pap and bloodwork.

Thanks for letting me vent. DH is tired of hearing it, since we are moving anyway. I did send a couple ICAN emails and I am hoping to get some help.

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