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WWYD... overweight friend and new furniture...

We have a cabin up North. My husband goes, even when I don't.

Last summer, he had his friends visit for the weekend, and one friend We'll call Bob, is extremely obese. He sat in our patio chairs and broke every one he sat in. (it was a really nice sturdy set...very expensive)

This year, we bought a new set, expensive, but, not as expensive, or the same quality.... (we also bought new bar stools)

Bob going up this weekend too, for three days, and he's going to break the new set. (and the bar stools) I'm kind of annoyed that my husband invited him up there, as we just got this stuff in June, and it's not as well made as the last set.

He also broke a lazy boy chair, but that didn't bother me because it was older and not a chair I was attached to. We didn't replace it yet, but nobody will sit in it because it just grinds instead of rocking.

My other concern is, to get up to the cabin, there are two wooden steps... the steps need to be replaced in the next year or so. There is a cinder block holding the steps up in the middle, but I don't think the steps are very safe for someone of his size. It's not a far fall, but it will hurt, and he could be injured.

I guess I'm just stuck with waiting to see what happens, and I can't even begin to think of a way to say "Uh... not on this chair, howbout this older chair?"
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