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A Wellbutrin question

I searched bit found nothing so I am going to ask. I am newly pregnant and am nursing my almost 18 month old son. I had to get off Paxil because it is not considered safe for pregnancy. I thought I could do it without but I need something, the Dr prescribed Wellbutrin because it is safe for pregnancy, well I called back yesterday because I remembered that Wellbutrin was not on the hierarchy list of meds given while BF, I haven't taken it yet BTW, the DR said I am going to have to choose, either take it and stop BF or not. I asked about Zoloft and was told it was not safe in the first trimester. So am not sure what to do, I think the biggest downfall of Wellbutrin is that is dries you up. My son is NOT ready to wean even though I am very much ready. I guess I am wondering if anyone has successfully BF while on Wellbutrin. Thanks.
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