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Originally Posted by JDT View Post
I'm not easily annoyed, but there is a woman that I work with who sooo gets on my nerves! I don't say anything to her - I usually just walk away but sometimes I just want to slap her silly!

Here are my pet peeves with her

* She "knows" EVERYTHING about children and is too glad to give advice based on her expereince as a dog owner
* She's already decided everything she's going to do as a mom
* She raves on and on about how great other co-workers are even if they're terrible
* She's got TONS of marital advice for others - she's been married for 4 months.
* We work for a private firm. She's SUPER concerned about how the owner runs his personal affairs

Sooo annoying

Anyway - please post your pet peeves


...that's kinda in the realm of my main peeve.

My co-teachers (the ones with out children) will comment on parenting things that they have no clue about! Because they have child philosophy & development down pat and years of expereince working with children and familes, they know it all! It's all so simple!
" I don't know why "such-in suches" parents cant remeber to bring "such-in such". I tell them everyday, all they have to do is...if it were me I'd...""

They have no clue about getting home after work, and having to cook, bath the children, get lunches together, pj's, clothes for the next day etc., etc., etc...

Sometimes I'll "enlighten" them, and other times I feel like why bother...
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