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Re: how soon did you wear maternity clothes?

First time soon as I got a +HPT it was because I WANTED to be wearing them..not that I NEEDED them But I had "convinced" myself I needed them

2nd time around I decided I would go as long as I could WITHOUT them. I dont remember exactly when I had to go into them but I rarely wore my maternity pants (I know i was in the shirts at about 22wks or so) I live in stretchy yoga type pants most of the time so I just wore those.

This time...I made it to about 7wks! At which time I Just couldnt stand the pants being tight around my waist. I got some maternity pants that are low rise and they just have the band around the top that is like 3" thick so they are as most like real pants as possible just a stretchy waist. But I still prefer my yoga pants LOL....
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