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Re: What are your favorite covers?

I don't have a pic with my LO wearing one but you can kinda see here...
Hopefully someone else will have a pic for you too
Originally Posted by foreverinlove181 View Post
Thanks you guys! I don't have any babies or kids yet. I am just tyring to get a head start on my stash. After reading on other message boards I come to the conclusion that I LOVE LOVE LOVE FB.. But after reading some reviews on here I am not kind of scared! I have 7 small FB now... I decided that I would try prefolds as well when I have a kiddo and see how they work

So how come some of the PUL don't fit your little ones? Is it because of the snaps or velcro?

I have never seen a fleece cover.. I haev only seen what I think is PUL and wool. Would someone mind showing me what a fleece looks like?
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