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Re: Disneyland with almost 1 year old twins

I'd take them in a heartbeat but that is our family dynamic. We wouldn't do that kind of vacation without everyone. I've taken a 3 month old and a 15 month old to disney world and loved it. Ds at 15 months was fascinated but everything about him - he loved just watching people and peeking in windows and watching the rides (he didn't like the round and round type rides at that age like dumbo but LOVED small world and always fell asleep on small world so it was a nice way to get him to conk for a nap). I don't have twins so I don't get the dynamic of twins so I get it might be tougher than with one. But we never had issues with a stroller and I loved taking ds at 15 months. But our family dynamics are such that we wouldn't consider not taking a child with us on vacation no matter what their age.
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