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Exclamation There goes the mucus plug and here come the contractions!!

UPDATES are In the replies

~ I was talking on the phone and all of a sudden I felt "wet" down there. There wasn't a gush or anything just super "lubricated" or something. I went to peek and my undies are all mucusy (sorry if it's TMI). Not blood tinged or anything though. Is this normal? I assume it is but I don't really remember this. It doesn't seem like my musus plug just like I am super lubricated. It's kind of clearish/whitish.

Okay, update ~ I just went to the bathroom again. I wiped and there was MAJOR mucus plug loss. Way more than I remember with Alex. Kind of just freaked me out so I called dh and now he's freaked out.

Then the contractions started. I am not sure if they started because I got freaked or what so I am trying to calm down and see if they stop. In a way I hope they don't because I'd love to go into labor naturally and have Lilly this weekend. Send some prayers that I go into labor soon!!
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