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RSV at 4??

I am getting really worried about my dd. She has RSV 3 times in her first year, and the first tiem was at 2 weeks, we spent alovely week at Phx CHildrens. She is MY sick one. She catches everything!!
Well I have been sick with a cold, then pneumonia for about 3 weeks. and it went thru everyone. I still am hacking.( i am the only one that had pnuemonia) but feel better.. KWIM.. OK, Gabby was very sick a week ago, and then felt better over the weekend. Now she is coughing ALOT> is super congested, and has a bad runny noe.her poor little face is raw from her using tissues.

I know that adults can get RSV but it presents as a cold. But is it the same as a 4 yo?? Do i treat this as a cold, and keep her home, or take her to the ped( we dont have health insurance, but i dont care if i have to pay out hte butt for a visit if i have to) OI worry about her more than any of my kids so i tend to over react. I have a feeling since before she was born that one day i will bury her and so everything gets my 100% attention. Her first year she was in the hosptial 4 times, RSV, bowel obstuction, and apnea. Undertand why i worry??

So i dont trust my gut with her. I want to run her in with every sniffle, Though i have kept her out of hte ped for a year so i am doing good.. so if you think a cold is a cold, please tell me to calm down. I will listen i am just a bit when it comes to my gabby girl.
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