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Re: WWYD...considering going to the dark side...

Originally Posted by MommaKatie View Post
I'm there mama, but we've only done cloth for the last 9-10 months. I ordered a big box of sposies and have packed up my clean cloth. I'm almost 13 weeks pregnant with my 3rd in 3 years. I'm just exhausted. We went out of town a few weeks ago and I used sposies, it felt like such a relief! Hubby is peeved, but we spent less building our stash than we would have for sposies (two in diapers for a few months). I really feel like I'll go back to cloth at some point. For right now cloth just feels like the only thing I can remove from my never-ending to do list. I think our sanity and peace of mind is much more valuable than cloth diapering.
this i us right now too mama. I still love cloth but for right now with my ppd starting early and barely coping as it is, cloth just became another thing that I needed to worry about. So my cloth is freshly sanitized and packed away for a time. Way I see it, I did 15 months of cding, I should be proud!
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