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Re: Homemade formula?

Originally Posted by 3 ladybugs View Post
Do the research into Raw milk. My DH is a scientist and I drank raw milk my whole childhood. I wanted to go to it and DH didn't want me to. Finally I said to him, "Show me where it is bad for you!!" A week later he said he looked and he looked and couldn't find anything that was scientific that it was bad for you, if you know your source. We now all drink it and DH will go toe to toe with anyone that says it is bad for you.

WAP also has formulas that are based on liver so if you are REALLY freaked out by raw milk you can go that way. Again though, you need to know your source for liver just like raw milk, as they are not all created equal.

From WAP site:

Personally I wouldn't give it to a NICU baby (meaning one that is just out of the NICU or in it) but I wouldn't mind giving it to an otherwise healthy baby. I have no issues with breastfeeding though and my children seem to take to it like a duck to water.
The one based on liver has a nearly toxic level of Vitamin A.
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