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Re: tell me about water births

I'll preface this by saying I tend to have long labors.

Waterbirth #1: (Started at 39 weeks 5 days, born 39 weeks 6 days) The heat and buoyancy of the water helped with the early contractions. It didn't completely get rid of the pain, but it did help. I didn't labor in the water the entire time and even felt it may have slowed down my labor during the earlier hours. Once I was fully dialated, I was in the pool, and pushing was not a big deal at all. DS came out in just 2 or 3 pushes. He was alert and didn't even cry. I had a very minor tear that MW didn't worry about. Somewhat sore, but felt great the next day.

Waterbirth #2: (Started at 40 weeks 5 days, born 40 weeks 6 days) Didn't get in the water this time until I was 8 cm dialated. Contractions seemed harder to deal with since I had contractions the day before and all day the day of the birth, I was just sick of contractions. I don't think I was fully and completely dialated when I started pushing this time. I just wanted DD2 out and was ready to be done. It took a lot more effort to push her out even though she was smaller. She was alert as well, but cried a little when she was born. I am way more sore this time but still felt pretty much back to normal the next day. Again, tore a little bit, a little more than before, but MW didn't worry about it and just gave me instructions to keep it clean over the next few days. I'm still quite sore (just had DD2 last Friday) but getting better everyday.

I would still take a water birth over dry land, but I feel that the majority of success in my water births was being at home and studying/reading/preparing for a natural birth in general. My first was a hospital birth with an epidural and the usual stuff. It was not a bad birth, but I had a harder time recovering especially with getting all the fluids out of my system from being in the hospital. I felt sluggish and weighed down the first few days. Compared to that, I would do a home birth, water or no water, in a heartbeat. Hope you find what would work best for you. Good luck!
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