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DD1 was hosp birth w epi and episiotomy. Recover was the hardest w her. DD2 was hosp birth w epi but she was smaller and easier recovery. DD3 was BC water birth (38w5d). I did labor in the water but when I was 7 cm I got in the tub and my ctx slowed down. They were still not really reg at that point so I'm not surprised but once they picked up the tub didn't slow them down. DD4 was BC water birth too (40w).

The water did help IMO with the ctx. I still felt them, still felt pain but it did relax me and I think it helped when pushing. Babies didn't cry til they were stimulated by the nurses but they both did great. Loved my water births and if I have another they'll be born in the water too.

My last DD took a bit to pass her hearing test since she still had a little fluid in her ears but she was fine!
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