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Speech therapy breakthrough. So happy I could cry!!!

DS3 will be 3yrs old next month. He has been in speech therapy for severe speech delay.

Today, for the very first time, I had a WHOLE conversation with him!

DS2 had gotten some cheese, and put the cheese back in the fridge without putting it back in the Ziplock baggie.

I held the cheese up and told him that he has to put it away properly or it will get icky.

DS3 ran up to me and started yelling at me. I said "Don't yell at me. Use your words and tell me what you want.

My little boy looked me right in the eye and said "I want cheese!" It was not totally clear, if I hadn't been holding the cheese I probably would have had to play 20 questions with him... so anyway...

DS3: "I want cheese!"
ME: "You want cheese?"
DS3: *looks at the cheese.* "Yes!"
Me: *hands him a piece of cheese.* "There ya go, Sweetie.
DS3: "Thank you, Mommy."

I was stunned. I seriously felt like crying!

And now he's been repeating everything my 5 yr old says today, and talking to me and daddy even more.

This is a HUGE break through. I'm so happy.

That is all. Thanks for reading.

God bless!
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