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Re: using calgon on dipes

Ive used it also with great success. I would use it over using dawn.

First before you use it make sure you have a buildup. To do that put all oyur diapers in the wash and make the water super super hot. as hot as you can get it. Then dont add anything and just let the washer aggitate for a bit. make it a long cycle. If theres suds then you have a buildup and Calgon will work. If theres no suds then your probably not adding enough detergent. IF you add to much you ahve problems, if you dont add enough you have probelms, so its important to get the right amount of detergent.

If you ahve the suds, then you can try to just keep washing them in the really hot water. Ive done it with PUL and pockets and it hasnt done anything to them. It will take a few washes but once the suds are mostly if not completly gone then youve gotten the extra buidlup and detegent out of the diapers. Most times that works for me.
After youve washed them in the hot water and gotten all of the suds out and they are still stinking then use the Calgon. I only used 1/4 cup per large load adn REALLY hot water with a tablespoon of detergent. Make it a super long cycle too. Lastly, make sure you rinse out oyur diapers a few times after the calgon to make sure its all out of the diapers.

This is a really easy method and its worked great for me. Make suer youfind the Clagon water Softener, its in a blue box in the laundry section. Its near the bleaches and fabric softeners.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.
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