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Me or my husband have never been to fond of the CIO method. But I am currently 38 weeks pregnant and just don't know what to do with my 18 months old. I might explode. He still wakes up twice per night. He sleeps in his pack n play in our bedroom. We put him down and he does to bed great! Then 2 AM hits and he starts crying and cries and cries and cries until we bring him a bottle. Then around 6AM he starts crying again until we put him into our bed. But this time it is worse sometimes he will start screaming, screeching, hitting, kicking and I have to try and rub his head and sometimes it takes him ten minutes to fall asleep.... I just CAN'T do this with a newborn baby. I am in tears almost every night with this. It's hard, because my husband says crying it out is evil and he doesn't like him not in our room. But this is just NOT working. Please ANY advice will be considered. I can't do this!
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