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Re: Diaper bag recommendations, questions, reviews

Originally Posted by Kelley76 View Post
My favorite great big tote, and I mean BIG, is my Vera Bradley Get Away Tote. I have several. I use one as my van bag, one for a hospital bag and my 3rd one I use for multiple uses. Like throwing all our coats in on the way out the door. Or a extra bag for the pool. Right now the 3 rd one has baby carriers and stuff in it in my closet. I gifted one to my mom and she used it for a dialysis. After she died my dad gave it back to me [emoji177]

And my DD loves them too. She packs them with about everything she owns when we go out, she’s such an over packer doesn’t €™fall far from the tree [emoji849]

Got one of those too Mama!!! LOVE IT!

Never thought of using it as a truck bag because I used to actually travel to places overnight and it's my "family toiletry" bag when I go somewhere. Hairdryer, bath stuff for everyone, medicine and jewelry are always packed in it. Since we aren't planning a trip anytime soon, I will repack it as my emergency bag in the truck tomorrow. I knew one of you girls would know what to do. [emoji16][emoji173][emoji16]
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