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Would your DH/SO go to the hospital?

I was talking with a friend about our son being in the hospital and my DH taking him into the ER while I stayed home with the older 2. She said she can't believe my DH would go, that I should be grateful because her DH would never take one of their kids to the hospital.

I guess recently their 14yr old was celebrating her birthday and their 5 year old daughter broke her foot during the party. He refused to take her to the hospital and also refused to stay with the party kids because he was too intimidated. The 5 year old had to wait 3 hours for the party to end and parents to pic up before my friend could then take her in to the ER.

She said she doesn't think he would even go in to the hospital even if one of their kids was born early in the NICU.

I just can't get my head around this. Seriously if that was my DH I would be telling him he's taking her in or I am leaving and taking her, too bad so sad. It's just odd to me, when you decide to be a parent you have the responsibility of keeping them well and safe and sometimes that means getting over being uncomfortable and sucking it up.

It got me wondering though are there lots of men/people like this?

So what would your SO/DH do?
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