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supply issues in the evenings.

having some issues with supply at night, mamas. :/ like, in the early evening.

this is what our day has looked like since we woke up this am.

10am - i pumped 3.5 ounces. he ate that, and nursed for about 15 minutes after.

12:30pm - i pumped 5oz, he ate that and was content for several hours.

3:00 - i pumped 3.5 ounces. he ate that at 3:45pm, and then nursed on the right side for 10 minutes, and the left side for 20 minutes.

fast forward to this evening (around 5pm is when the "trouble" starts)

he napped from 5 to 5:30. nursed on right side from 550 to 615. after the third letdown on that side, i switched. he nursed on the left side from 615 to 635. i am pumping each side for 15 minutes now to see what i get.

pumped left for 15 minutes, got about half an ounce. been pumping the right side for 5ish minutes, and have about 3/4 of an ounce out of that side... so not GONE, but definitely not what it needs to be to keep him satisfied.

i've been taking fenugreek (4-6 capsules a day) and have upped my water intake (though maybe not what it should be, still)... i get decent sleep for the most part.

anyway... from about 5-10pm he nurses almost constantly, and barely swallows. like, he gulps 8-10 times during letdown, then nothing for 8-10 minutes until letdown happens again. between letdowns, he might swallow 1 time for every 6-8+ sucks.

what do i do? it's frustrating for both of us, and i really want to nurse him but i feel like my body is fighting against me.

i seem to be a bit more full in the mornings because he only "snacks" throughout the overnight hours, never gets a full feed. so i wake up and he gets a full meal with no problem. but after about 2 full feedings, it starts to diminish.

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