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Re: Kindergarten: go ahead or delay?

First of all, we did not "red shirt" any of our kids. My oldest and youngest are April birthdays and my middle is an end of June birthday.

That being said, it is fairly common in our area to wait with late summer birthdays to send them when they are 6, particularly with boys. One thing to consider is that at 4,5 and 6 kids are all developing physically, mentally and emotionally at different rates. Some kids are way ahead in one or more area and others are behind. By the time they hit the later grade school ages the differences become more obvious because the majority of the kids who were early readers have settled into their level and the other kids have caught up. Being the youngest in the class (sometimes by more than an entire year) can be a disadvantage at that point.

There are lots of threads on DS about the pros and cons of waiting. I personally am an advocate of waiting. If you have a decent school, they should be able to challenge the child who is ahead and they tend to grow into leaders in the class.
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