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Re: AUGUST 2011 - Its June!!

Funny story to share..

DH was always the one that was content to just have 1 child.. but went along with what I wanted but has always been DONE..

Last night we were talking about something and I had mentioned AF starting, and he said, "oh good, You aren't pregnant!" and I said, "right, I have a IUD, I never thought I was.." He said, "I know.. I'm just glad because I want to wait until these ones are out of diapers atleast" "I sat there stunned for a second, and said, "You want to have more kids?" and he said, "when these ones are out of diapers" (FYI: Jake is still in diapers, dang kid wants nothing to do with the potty) I said" are you kidding me? When these ones are out of diapers, that's like a couple years from now? are you nuts?!"

THEN he backtracked. lol THEN he said, "well I mean when these ones are out of diapers AND we talk about it for like 5 years..

Yeah. Okay.

I think he wants to have more kids.. and just isn't saying it. That's freaky. I told him last night the only way I could be talked into it would be if we had a bigger house and more money... oh and was promised that it would be a completely normal Girl that liked actual Girl stuff. lol Having 2 kids with Anixety, one with Aspergers and the girl being more than a tomboy, but just a boy.. I would need to be promised that.

Either way, he's freaking nuts. lol

I just thought it was crazy that he said any of that to me.. he thinks I'm just waiting until they get out of diapers? No way! lol

Oh to add.. Levi is 10 months old now. He's 30.5inches and 18.7lbs (hasn't really gained any, but he's running around in the walker now) they want him back in a month because he's not hitting milestones, but I'm not worried about it. They think he should becrawling walking and cruising furniture and tons of other crap he's not doing, but it's mostly because I have to keep him safe in the walker, I've got 2 big kids that run though the house like it's on fire all day long. I can't just leave him on the floor. lol

I know he'll pick it up eventually, and the doctor wants him back to see what he's doing in a month, probably more of the same, they will refer him to the childrens center for a assessment, and by the time all that is done, he'll probably be right on track. lol The walking range is huge, and crawling is the least of my concerns (we also have hardwood floors, no one wants to crawl on that. lol)

Anyway, got some plants to plant, so I gotta go. Sorry, no pictures right now. I'll be back with some later. I didn't end up taking a 10m shot, It normally drops off at this point in the monthly pictures. lol
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