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Originally Posted by this_mel_rocks View Post
In your case I think a c-section is the way to go. Having said that I don't think you are going to be able to avoid getting the prolapse issues repaired either. Have you thought about having them repair them while you are already in surgery having your baby. Recovery will be harder but you won't have to go in and have surgery again in a few years.
Well prolapse isn't necessarily fixable, but it's manageable with physical therapy and correct posture. Posture is HUGE with prolapse problems. But prolapse repairs are horribly known to fail and require subsequent surgeries throughout your life. There's even warnings all over tv for it, vaginal mesh, bladder slings, pelvic slings, etc. it's not uncommon for them to deteriorate and actually cause sexual dysfunction and constant pain.... I've done tons of research and it's super scary. Instead of our society being proactive against prolapse, we just cut and fix things as they fall out - not fix the actual cause. :/ Europe I believe is very knowledged and proactive since nearly 80% of women will have prolapse issues now days.
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