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Re: So freaked out! Any reassurance?

Originally Posted by MothyrGrimm View Post
That's reassuring, I did read the other 4+ c sections post which made me feel a lot better. I think it's just the unknown I'm scared of. I've never had a surgery, wisdom teeth removed, or broken bone even, just my few stitches from having ds. I did have gallstones though and everyone said that pain is far worse. Lol
I know several women who have had multiple C-sections. The healing process sounds a little longer, but it sounds like you had to do a lot of healing from your vaginal birth too, so it might just be different but not worse. My friend had a C-section with her twins and she said the during was painless, she was wide awake, and she was hilariously drunk on the pain meds. She was cracking jokes with the doctors and nurses about if they could see what she ate that morning, and when they showed her a baby she was like "Eeew it's gross put it back! Kidding, I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!" Her husband said it was the funniest thing ever.

Talk to moms who have had c-sections, because it isn't all horror stories, especially the moms who planned it or weren't totally surprised about needing it.

Originally Posted by MothyrGrimm View Post
I'm with a mw right now. They don't have too much experience with existing prolapses (so many women have prolapse and don't know it) and birth. So they aren't able to weigh in too much, but they mentioned they had one woman before and hers didn't get much worse. Although they said they would probably have to keep their hand kind of in me and push my uterus back to keep it from coming out... We are actually moving currently and I'm switching to a new OB once I get there, I didn't feel the need to switch before our move to just switch again later. In the very very beginning I did see an OB a couple times and they recommended c section especially if baby was over 8 or 9 pounds. My ds was 8lbs 4oz.
Wow. Ick. the idea of someone having to stick their hand up to shove my uterus around... I guess where there is a will, right? Get yourself a good OB, one with a solid reputation, check on google and yelp, and then let him or her help you feel comfortable with whatever you decide.

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