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Re: Fabric prep and a few other ? (First timer)

I did make sure to get fusible fleece, and one side is rougher than the other, so that part should be simple to get done then.

Yes, Christmas stockings Sorry I didn't say specifically in the first post, I didn't even think about the other ones *lol*

I was thinking I could handstitch the trim/etc, so thank you for saying that. I am also considering replacing it with something easier to sew though, like a lace. The original trim is supposed to be a 'jingle bell' trim.

This is the image from the pattern:

ETA: This is what someone else did with the pattern

From seeing what some others have done with the pattern, it looks like they left the trim off as well, and it looks fine That gives me hope!
I was planning on embroidering our names into the cuff of the stocking as well, so that may dress it up enough to not be completely plain too. (Embroidery I know I can do at least, even if I am rusty!)
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