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Re: Tips on Sign Language.

Originally Posted by Ami in Deutschland View Post
I started around 7 months and DS didn't really sign back until about 14 months. He's 17 months now and signs frequently. I introduced signs for all the things DS showed an interest in (animals, people in daily life, food) and use signs for commands/requests (sit, come here, sleep, give me that, be nice, brush teeth) and questions (what, where, who). Some signs he never uses but understands (sit, come here) and others he uses frequently (more, juice, water, cat, eat).

Just try to work in the signs while you are talking. It's easier if you do it frequently, so you don't forget the signs yourself (even if the LO isn't looking). I basically introduced signs as soon as I learned them myself, picking out signs for the words/ideas I use most often (more, eat, come here, etc.) or that I think DS wants to express (cat, dog, bird, airplane, car, hurt, open).

DH doesn't sign much here either, but he tries. Once your LO starts using signs himself, he may be more convinced to try it.

ETA: I've introduced a lot of signs DS doesn't use yet, but he's surprised me sometimes by using a sign that I don't use often in correct context. He signed "be nice" a week ago, which is a sign I hadn't used more than a few times in the past month. I used to use it a lot, when he was petting the cat.

One thing you should be aware of is that children's signs are often "wrong," so you may not recognize them right away. They'll get the right movement, but hand shapes are not accurate.

We started later and Bennett is now signing milk, more, and please. Do whatever feels good- there isn't necessarily a "right" way to teach any baby!
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