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Re: c-section birth gifts

Hmm I think it depends on the mama. I wouldn't have used them as I am not into meditation/relaxation CDs. Also the floral scents make my nose hurt and give me a headache. With 4 kids in the house she may nit even get a chance to use them.

I think especially if this is her first c-section I would have appreciated a post partum belly belt for c-section deliveries. I looked it up. It is called a postpartum support/belly belt. I wanted one real badly but couldn't afford one. They are supposed to help with the pain of surgery by holding the stomach muscles and incision in place. It is very painful to cough, sneeze, or even laugh after a c-section. You are told to hold your tummy to prevent some of the pain but I didn't know this with my first. The belt would do this for her. A nice sports bottle that doesn't spill easily would likely also be appreciated. Especially if she is nursing. I had issues with someone alwas knocking over my drink. Sometimes it was one of the kids but sometimes it was ms as I was trying to adjust myself and the baby.
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