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Re: how to prepare my son for major dental work

Originally Posted by mcpforever View Post
DS2 had two teeth extracted at age 3.5. All we told him was that the dentist would give him medicine so it wouldn't hurt. (His teeth already hurt a little.) He drank an oral sedative. Once that kicked in, they gave him some gas. They told him to close his eyes (he cooperated without question) and gave him the numbing shot. The dentist told me I did great. It seems I was more stressed than DS2.

I think the hardest part was after when he was hungry. The soft food wasn't cutting it for him. He needed some real food!

I honestly wouldn't use the words "drill" or "pull." They sound scary and stressful to little kids. I thought I would help my eldest out before his first cavity filling to explain what was going to happen and it freaked him out. Got to the pediatric dentist and they used the phrase "clean out that cavity." They also talk about "cleaning the cavity bugs out" when they do routine cleaning.
thanks! I told him some teeth were loose and the dentist was going to take them out and he liked that idea (probably because his older friends have missing teeth). It makes me feel a lot better that everyone says they don't remember it because he thinks the dentist is the coolest place and I don't want him to have a bad taste after this.
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