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Re: how to prepare my son for major dental work

Ds had to have a tooth pulled and a couple of cavities drilled. He just had the gas and he did amazingly well. I hope you are using a pediatric dentist. They are so good at pulling out all the stops with kids. They gave him the gas and some numbing gel before the shot. They gave him a toy to play with and they maneuvered the needle in a way that he didn't even know he got a shot. They did the small cavity first and then pulled the tooth. Ds was 7 and he said it hurt when they pulled the tooth but it was over in a second. He had to go back and get the other cavity done on another visit as it was on the other side of his mouth and he had no trouble at all. They let me stay in there with him and I just sat at his feet and patted his legs so he would know I was there.

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