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Re: Am I being unreasonable? (sorry...long)

Thanks everybody. I hate feeling like I'm being a total b!tch...I want to be sensitive to other people's feelings...but I'm just so sick of hearing about how the MW likes to do things and how the nurses like to do things and how the ped likes it and what dh wants and what the grandparents want and it seems like the only person whose wishes no one cares about are mine and the kids. And I hope I'm not just being selfish, I'm trying to think about the children...DJ's only 2 years old...none of us know how he's going to react to the new baby. And as for the new baby, being born seems like a pretty traumatic thing even without having 200 people passing you around and all that! I just don't understand why it's like it's such a competition to be the first one to see or hold the new baby. Let the new family have some space!

It's hard for my mom to deal with because her sister's daughter is the one that wants the whole town there for her when my mom and her sister talk, my aunt has been to prenatal visits, ultrasounds, in the room for the birth and all that. MIL just forced herself on SIL and SIL won't stand up to her so it's the same with them. MIL goes to every prenatal visit, all the ultrasounds, childbirth class, and forced her way into the delivery room even though SIL told me that she didn't want her there. SIL lets her get away with all that which makes me look even worse when I stand up for myself. It is reassuring to hear that others feel the same way though. I have a feeling the ILs are probably coming to visit this weekend...dh hasn't mentioned it yet but I just have that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach . So I think we're all going to have a heart to heart...if dh won't tell them to stay away, I will!

Thanks everybody!
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