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Newborn - Is This Normal?

Just wondering if this is normal. I admit I'm a little paranoid about low supply since I suffered it with DD but I'm on Domperidone to try and avoid it this time. DS is about 3 days old and he nurses darn near constantly for hours at a time during the day and evening. He does take breaks of 2-4 hours at night though. He seems content. He never acts frustrated. But he does click sometimes during the longer feedings. The pediatrician in the hospital (who luckily enough is the local tongue tie "expert" ) said DS was tongue tied but that he could get his tongue past his gums so she didn't think it was necessary to clip. At least not without me being in pain. I wasn't at the time, but now at 3 days I'm pretty darn sore! Not sure if it is due to the tongue tie or just the constant nursing. So yeah, enough rambling. Is this typical newborn nursing?
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