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Talking Hooray for frugal (and trim!) diapering

12 Sams flour sack towels (12.74 for 12, $1.06 each)

Trimmed down to 26 x 32" (size after prepping 4 x's). I trimmed b/c I hated the binding. It didn't lay flat and rolled & wrinkled after washing. The flour sacks have been used for a week, still fold up in perfectly even, flat squares

Preemie prefold (1.00 from Cottonbabies) used as a doubler just in the front. I don't need a doubler for Noelle (11 months) but E (special needs 5 yo) has big boy pee

Econobum cover second (5.00 from Cottonbabies) No idea why the covers were seconds? We've been using them for over a year, elastic, snaps & PUL still look perfect. We can re-use the cover ~2 x's before it smells like urine.

Trim bootie, it is way trimmer then most cloth & even trimmer then Huggies Pull-ups. Most people think he's wearing undies at school.

In 12 month Target brand jeans. These don't fit with a sposie pull-up on.
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