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activities to include both kids

If this should be somewhere else (like homeschooling) please move. Since my kids are so young, I don't think this really counts as homeschooling, but I could be wrong.
I have a 3.5 year old DD and 11 month old DS. I am trying to figure out some activities that I can do that involve both of them so I don't have to ignore one of them or *gasp* stick them in front of the TV. Unfortunately, anytime I try to sit down with DD to do anything, DS starts trying to grab whatever we are doing and eat it lol. And then DD gets really mad. It's really frustrating. I want to find some things to engage both of them and maybe if I'm lucky teach them something, but I am just not coming up with anything at the moment. They are at very different places developmentally (obviously), so I'm finding it hard to work with both of them at the same time, and constantly taking turns all day is exhausting. I'm hoping all you creative mamas can help me with some ideas!
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