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Re: Shave; Nair; Nothing; Other?

I use the INTUITION shaver. Has the "bar of soap" around the razor so it really feels like your taking a bar of soap and running it up and down your legs. No need for lotions or shaving creams etc cuz it's built in.

When I first started using it I honestly thought it wasn't doing it's job because I couldn't feel anything but when I rubbed my hand up my leg it was like a babies butt!

Very quick and easy to do in the shower even with my ds in there.

They are $6-8 for the razor and one "shaving/soap head" and $7-8 for the 3 pk of refill heads. Rubber grip and big so it's easy to use. It comes with a suction cup hanger deal so you can hang it in your shower. It even has a cover for it (makes it easy when you are traveling).
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