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Take it all for $100ppd !!! All GIRL, wool, BG, AIO, LOTS

I hopeful anticipation I began collecting and making girly dipes from 4 weeks pregnant. I am however, having my 4th boy in a row! , so I need to sell or trade my cute, sweet girly diapers for thing I will be able to use.

I am very open to trades for similar boy diapers.


1. Brand New Made by me AIO's. The first 3 are size NB - Trimsie's pattern- are all filled with bamboo fleece and have cotton inners. The last is a size Small and has bamboo stuffing and insides...uber soft!! $10ppd each or $36ppd for all 4.

2. Top Row-BG size Medium AIO. Very good used condition. Elastic good, no staining. Both are the light purple color. $10ppd each or $18ppd for both.

Bottom Row - unknown AIO's with hidden PUl. No staining, good used condition. Size S/M. $6 ppd each or $10 ppd for both.

3. Medium, unknown maker Pooh diaper. The outside is silky soft and the inside is fleece. this has some wear and will eventually need new velcro. $4ppd

First class baby Size 2 AIO. This is very well worn. I got it FFS and replaced elastic. It served us well, even at night time. It is very well worn though and I will pass it on FFS with another purchase


3. Fancy Pants size L, giraffe Pocket. VGUC $6 ppd

4. Top Row - Cheeky Diapers OS Pocket. Elastic tight, velcro and snaps good. $6ppd
Bottom Row - unknown maker, suns and star pocket. Size M/L, tight elastic, good velcro. No staining. $5ppd
Red fleece pocket, PUL lined, with black heart on bottom, unknown maker. Size M/L. Elastic somewhat loose, still looks functional, velcro good a few flaws in the back elastic. $4ppd

Wool and Fleece

5. Stacinator NB purple cover. Looks great except for one very small hole. $12 ppd.

Unknown Brand wool shorties. look upcycled. These were bulletproof when I used them for my last DS, just a little girly for me. These shrunk a little and are felted in the legs and waist, will fit S/M. $12ppd

6. Fleece Shorties - made by me. Fits 12-18 months. Like New. $6 ppd


7. Unknown Maker green floral NB cover. Looks to be in very good condition, no stains or flaws. $5 ppd
White and pink cover, made by me. A thicker PUL than usual. NB/S size, varicolored snaps. New $6 ppd
Thirsties Small, light purple. Velcro good, elastic good,no stains. $6 ppd
Pink with dots, unknown maker, looks to be a S/M. Elastic good, snaps good, no stains. has snaps to use as an AI2 if wanted. $5ppd


8. Purple little Lions Small. A little pilly, no stains, elastic and velcro great. $7 ppd
Sweet Peas, pink floral, size Med. This has a double layer quick dry snap insert AND and extra doubler. Uber-cute, soft, no stains, excellent used condition. $12ppd
Sweet Peas, fishy and floral, size Med. This has a double layer quick dry snap insert AND and extra doubler. Still soft, a very, slight and light stain....I had to look hard. Very good used condition. $10ppd
Hot pink, unknown maker. Fleece inner. Pilly, no stains, good used condition. $5ppd
Diaper Basics, Teddy Bears with balloons. no stains, good velcro. $3ppd

9. Kissaluvs Size 2 - pink. VGUC $12ppd for both TRADED


10. Megaroos ETPF size Medium. OOga Booga has some staining. I did not try to sun it. $8ppd Pink Giraffes looks great $10 ppd

11. Three pink prefolds and a pink snappi. $6 ppd
Gerber cover FFS


Wipes - The smaller ones are brand new, made by me (20). The others are in good used condition (12). Take them all for $6 ppd SOLD

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