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Re: ***Winter gardening chat! *** December~January

Originally Posted by Dani_Phen View Post
You ladies mind if I join this chat? As of now I'm more of a gardener than a homesteader (where I normally post). We ordered seeds tonight and I'm beyond excited. Spring fever is hitting me so hard. It's supposed to get up to 70 this sunday and it's going to make spring fever shift into a higher level. We are zone 6 and it's chilly here normally so we can't really have anything in the winter outside though I do have brussel sprouts that are just about ready to harvest, finally. That's all we have still out.
Jump on in! My broccoli took another hit last night, we had a hard freeze. YES!!! FINALLY! Hope all my plants "got the message" and that the garden diseases were weakened or killed. I sure had a hard time watering the animals this am, hoses were frozen, I'd break the ice on their bowls, turn around and it would be frozen again. The cats were disgusted with me. LOL

I thought(again) about pulling up the broccoli but it recovered and defrosted late in the day. I really would like to at least get a small head from each of them for all the time they've been in the ground. The heads are about 2.5" across now.

I picked up a 10pk of bare root sequioa strawberries, and a pack of jersey giant bare root asparagus today and a potted thyme to fill the empty spot in my indoor planter. Tomatoes are growing fast now, I hope they manage to ripen
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