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Originally Posted by crunch!910
What do you consider "pre-labor"? I went into labor Monday at 4am labored until noon on Thursday. I labored at home until Wednesday about 8pm before going to hospital where I was admitted at 2cm, progressed to 3cm by midnight, but by noon the next day was stuck at 5cm so that's when a csection was needed. It was real labor, not just false labor. The contractions were very, very painful, and I was having pain inbetween contractions too. Even nubain that Wednesday night hardly took the edge off. My body was truly in real labor, but just wouldn't dilate.
I was kind of similar two you. My water broke at 8pm and the contractions started within half an hour. They were very painful and about 2 minutes apart. When I went in about 7 am the next morning I was only dilated to 2, I couldn't believe it. If my water hadn't broken they would have ant me home I wasn't 4 in about an hour and 6 in another hour. I never dilated past 6 cm. They did the cesarian about 6 pm after I spiked a high fever. She was really jammed in there in a strange way and they even had some trouble pulling her out during the cesarian.
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