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Re: How many days of prelabor did you have?

A couple of months...... Yes, I'm sort of serious, but definitely for a month. Here is the story.

With my second set of twins, I started getting BH's around 16-18wks. I can't remember exactly. By 28wks, they were very strong and very frequent. I couldn't go by the standard of calling if you have more than 6 in an hour or if you have to breath through them because I would have been off to L&D several times a day. At 32wks, it went into real labor. I got to the hospital and I was 3cms dilated. They were able to stop it with magnesium sulfate. However, I continued contracting very frequently. It was typically every 10 minutes often more, but not very often less. They were strong and would double me over and often need me to breath through them. Sometimes they would calm a little at night and I could sleep through them, sometimes not. Either way, they woke me often. At 33wks, I was 4cms. At 34wks, I was 5cms. At that point, I was put on hospital bedrest for a week. The nurses could not believe how much I was contracting and how strong they were and that I wasn't actually in labor. They put me in a room that double as an anitpartum and an L&D room because we just knew I'd deliver. At 35wks, I was sent home (considered safe to deliver twins). We all assumed I'd be back very quickly to deliver. At 36wks, we broke my water to get me really moving and the babies were born 5hrs later. I *think* I may have actually been in real labor that morning anyway, but honestly, there is just no way to know for sure since I'd been through it so many times. What I do know is all it took was breaking my water to get me to actually deliver. (If it was only the contractions, I would not have let them break my water. I was also having major pre-e symptoms and started spilling protein that morning.)

That was really no fun and I hope I don't go through that again.
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