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Re: How many days of prelabor did you have?

With my second and third, I had regular close together contractions starting at about 20 weeks (I had them before that too, only not as regular). But they would only last about an hour, and then stop for a while. But it definitely happened daily, several times a day.

With my third I had to go in to have contractions stopped at 31 weeks because they went on for over 3 hours at >5 minutes apart. I wasn't dilating, but we didn't want it to get to the point where I was that early.

With my first 2 I went into *real* labor and babies were born less than 24 hours after being checked at 4cm. With my third, I was 4cm, and contracted lightly, but regularly for about 3 days, then had more intense labor with more dilation for 17 hours.
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