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Re: NTNP July 29th - August 4th

Originally Posted by fishingfor5 View Post
QOTW -answer: Hands down for me is gymnastics.....I miss competing everytime I see it. And I haven't competed for 25 yrs!!!lol
I used to be a gymnast too I think I would break myself now though if I were to try any move

Originally Posted by ChelseaGirl7 View Post
AOTW- I think swimming, but I used to be on a swim

Afm- I have been having insomnia, now I am so tired. Maybe tonight I'll finally get some sleep.

Chelsea mom of 4, from my phone
I like swimming too, although I was annoyed with how much attention they gave Micheal Phelps after he didn't medal...I thought the guy that won should have gotten more press. I hope you got some sleep...being exhausted is the worst feeling

Originally Posted by Rdesonia View Post
I use to like to watch the gymnastics. But about 4 years ago, I decided to stop buying cable. So now we don't watch TV.
We don't have cable either, and haven't for the past 6 years We have been watching the Olympics at my mother-in-laws

Originally Posted by Beaners_Mom View Post
I don't watch sports lol.
My S.O. Watches baseball, but my eyes just sort of glaze over when it comes on. I really can't even pick one because I don't have a favorite heh. The last time I watched anything to do with The Olympics, I think it was ribbon dancing. Haha!
I like baseball, I think NBA basketball is sooooo boring!!

Originally Posted by justjess View Post
Gymnastics!!!! We watched a little of the opening ceremony but had a marriage retreat this weekend so didn't see much else.

Cd27 and waiting to see if I actually have a "normal" first Ppaf cycle(28 days)!
FX for you!! I hope your marriage retreat wast fun and refreshing Do you think that there is any chance that you might have caught the egg the first time?

AFM: Busy day today, laundry, groceries, chiropractor and DH has a church league softball game tonight. Should be fun

I hope everyone has a great evening!!
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