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Noah has been talking

My guy is 17 months old on the 17th.
I bought him a small soccer ball because he is always kicking his stuffed one. Well DH has been telling Noah to kick it since he was 10 months old. Well last night I realised something as he was kicking the ball (Yes he actually kicks it and walks it all the way down the hall, My future Beckham) he was saying kit kit........Noah has been saying that for like 2+ months I felt like he was just saying sounds but he was saying KICK IT! I am sooooo proud. He only says Momma, Dad, Kick it, Gee gee, and no. I was getting worried but now I have no worries about it! I am just really surprised his biggest word was kick it!

Yippee Noah! Oh and DH could not be prouder since was a soccer kids all through elementry to college!
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