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Re: Successful co-sleeping

My daughter co-slept with us until about 19 or 20 months old. We had her crib side-carred to our bed when she was little. Most of the time she didn't really sleep in it though but it provided a bit more space to our Queen.

At around 19 or 20 months I started transitioning her to her own bed. I started by putting her crib mattress on the floor next to our Queen. When she'd wake in the middle of the night I would lay down on the floor (i padded it with body pillows) and nurse her back to sleep or comfort her back to sleep. I was just showing her that I could comfort her without her having to be in our bed. After about 2 weeks of this I moved her mattress into her room. It was a very easy transition and she is a very HIGH needs girl. I think for us it was easy because I haven't tried to wean her from a bunch of things at once. I still rock/nurse/cuddle her to sleep every night and I don't leave until she is asleep. Everytime she woke up I went to her room quickly and comforted her. If she walked into our room I carried her back to her room and comforted her there. If she asked to stay in our room sometimes I would. Once she was comfortable sleeping in her room I night weaned her (from nursing). So now at almost age 2 she is sleeping through the night in her own room. She is not afraid of her room and is not afraid of bedtime. Bedtime is not a battle. Our next weaning process will be helping her learn how to fall asleep without me in the room. But I'm not worried. She is all ready showing signs of being able to do this in the next 6 months or so.

I think the key is to be in tune with your childs needs and not to do anything too abruptly. I was able to tell when my daughter didn't need co-sleeping anymore and that she just *liked* it. But it became disturbing for all of us.

Anyway. I loved co-sleeping and probably would still be doing it if it weren't for our tiny little Queen bed and a DH that snores too much. Plus she would probably still try to attack me in the middle of the night by nursing!
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