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Re: Top ten reasons not to circumcise your son

Originally Posted by Galatea View Post
Often babies go into shock from the pain and this is why they aren't crying.

I believe it is a personal choice, too, except the person in question is the baby. He will be the one using the penis, not his parents. I understand that cultural inertia and ignorance is hard to overcome, but the baby has a right to his entire body. I am not criticizing anyone who circumcised their sons, esp. if you didn't know any of the facts I listed. I am trying to spare future babies, and their parents the emotional pain of finding out it was unnecessary and damaging when it is too late.
WOW! That's a bit much. Live and let live, what someone does to their child doesn't have a thing to do with you, don't lose sleep over it. Last I checked it was a legal practice so, people are well within their right to do it.

I am not having a boy this pregnancy but, when I do, he will be circumcised. For religious reasons and for health reasons. I am sure my son will be fine and will not grow up with issues. Respect other people's decisions.

You can state your case without going to extremes and being all dramatic. I am sure most babaies go through way more trauma than circ in their lives, so trust me any baby that is circ will be just fine.

Also, FACTS are relative these days, what is fact to you may not be fact to anyone else. I believe their is scientific evidence to prove both side of the issue, which you should know since this is a dead horse that is beaten on all pregnancy sites. Like I said, live and let live.
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