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Re: Did/do yout have a cut-off age for nursing in public?

I really never consciously set a cut-off date or anything...I'd say it just gradually tapered off starting around 15 months. I nursed my first until he was 3.5yo, and he knew from about 18 months that we had "nahnah" at home...sometimes I'd nurse him in the car or something before a long drive home, it helped him nap. LOL

Bry is 22 months and still asks to NIP sometimes, usually I just distract him with a sippy cup or something else...He only nurses 2-3 times during a day (unless he's sick) plus a few times at night. His word for nurisng is "cuddle" pronounced "cud-ooo"...very cute, and discreet when in public. Just confusing!! LOL I have to be careful when I ask him if he wants a cuddle, since he views it as an invite to nurse!

Mostly I just go with my instinct...when I start feeling uncomfortable NIP, then we stop doing it...the boys are fine with it so I know they are ready too, kwim? It it were an emergency, I'd have no prob whipping it out...but usually they ask out of hunger/thirst/boredom when in public, and all of those have alternative options.
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