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Re: Pregnant and overweight?

With my first I was of healthy weight and gained 30 lbs, lost it within 2 weeks. With my dd I was about 15 lounds or so overweight and again gained 30 lbs (with the help of bi weekly steriod injections and hormone treatments to keep her in and growing). I was very upset that 2 1/2 years after having her I was still the same weight as I was at my 6 week checkup (about 40lbs overweight). I tried to lose weight as I wanted to try for #3 and thought "why?". I mean I am going to gain weight with the pregnancy then have to work again to get it off, what if I needed more steroid and hormones? So we started trying and my doc said "don't worry about the weight, you'll use what you have before you gain". 11 months after trying I got pregnant and am now 25 weeks along. I look very preggers (not chunky like I thought I would) but am now all baby, only gained 6lbs so far and I can still fit into my prepregnancy jeans (under the belly of course). The doc said I am doing great and should only put on about 15 or so pounds total making it not so hard. Just eat healthy and walk, your body will use up what it has first.
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