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Re: ****Winter**** Chicken Moma chat thread. Join in the chat!

Originally Posted by 3lilbubs View Post
I'm sorry. They are probably working because for the first week or two it will bother them when they tap them and the prongs move around in their nose so they'll avoid that. But you def. will want to think about maybe fixing them one at a time so that the shield blocks their forward view or they'll still be able to aim and peck after a while.
I will.

The pen looks gorgeous! Will y'all come help dh build mine? LOL Construction is not his strong point.. love the man but it's true.
Thanks, he got so much more done today I'm happy! He's been workin on it every day, all day. <3

Sarah I'm sure you told me but I can't remember, when you set your shipped eggs, did you avoid turning them for 3 days like I've read on BYC?
I don't turn them. I kinda spin and tilt a bit. I don't tip the carton, just the eggs. I shoot for twice daily. I always use a carton though. I havn't had an egg yet that didn't have a detatched cell. I'm helping one hatch now that the cell healed all wacked. I don't think it will make it. One out of this whole shipment made it, that power uhoh. Only a cpl eggs are left from the other shipment set the 25th.

ETA: Just set the mottled AM and silkie eggs now, don't want to wait too long, 2 of the silkie eggs are questionable to me. Really porous, so if they've got a chance the sooner the better.
For the most part I have had horrible luck with the pourious ones. I have had prob 2 make it though. You can't tell they are developing inside, so it's super hard to judge those!

Originally Posted by 3lilbubs View Post
Crowing contest going on for the last 5 minutes between Fred and one of the youngsters= funny!

Here's a pic of the eggs I just set! If you can read the temp, I know it's a little low still, I just set them an hour ago. Aren't the bottom ones just the prettiest blue! They're BIG too!
Looks awsome girl!!!!! WooooHoooo!

Originally Posted by Nielsen6 View Post
Oh Liz! Awesome and egg-citing! (yeah yeah, corny I know)

I have a guy coming to get my roosters tomorrow, just keeping george and one other for the neighbor. Sad, but only a little. Makes room for new chicks.
I really love the guys too!

Originally Posted by 3lilbubs View Post
I know, I have a soft spot for the boys. I'm going to miss the little trio we've got roaming the back yard right now when they have to be butchered. They sit on the patio and look in the glass door and coo hoping I'll bring them more treats. I've been tossing all the leftovers out the back door to help fatten them.
Haha!!!! I do the same thing! Solomon loves to hang at the back. I'm gonna make some sort of perch, like a swing set style, for back there to keep them off the steps!

I spent the day cleaning the coop and retrenching around the coop and run. I also sloped the inside and other things. I want the water to devert compleatly from the under coop run. A drier spot. I also extended the stone pathway around to the front to the coop. I keep falling. Ugh! There was also a pile of glass doors that were all busted along the fence. I cleaned that up. Dang, what a mess. hat was pretty much the last of the major trash that was here when we moved in.
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