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Originally Posted by birdinhand
I got a stomach bug when my last lo was about a month old. And we were away from home for the holidays! I spent the first night at my mom's, even though we were staying with my in-laws (they live blocks apart). I figured it I needed my mom I could get her (dh had to go back home for work). Then next day I spent at my sister's in bed and she took the baby until he needed to eat so I could rest. That night I was feeling marginally better and I went back to my in-laws. The next day all I could do was sit in a rocking chair in their living room and nurse my baby while I also nursed Gatorade, lol. Misery!!!

Glad you are on the mend.
Oh no... What a holiday u had I am glad we all lived thru it!!! Gatorade aren't so good Anymore to me since I only drink it when I am sick lol.
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